The Five Most Misogynist Memes

There’s a lot of talk about the pervasive sexism on the Internet, especially at the hands of trolls who hurl death and rape threats at women and feminists. One of the other places where sexism is evident in online culture is in the memes which constantly get churned out of websites like Reddit. So, without further ado, here are the five most misogynist memes:

1. Rape Sloth

Rape Sloth

This one pretty much delivers what it promises. With a close-up of a sloth facing a woman as if it’s about to whisper in her ear, this meme always displays some sort of sexual, pro-rape message. Honestly I don’t even see the point of this, and other online rape memes. They only serve to perpetuate rape culture and reduce rape, sexual assault and molestation to a cheap punch line. And don’t even get me started on the horrible — and ubiquitous — prison rape jokes used in our society.

2. Women Logic

Women Logic

This cringe worthy meme purports to show that women are, well, completely illogical, often saying one thing and doing another (e.g., “Says she’s breaking up cause she’s not ready for a relationship; starts dating your best friend”). Others veer off into idiotic “friend zone” territory with captions such as “I really like nice, sweet guys who compliment me and actually mean what they say, and make me feel like an amazing person; better go date an asshole.” As if no guy has ever done or thought anything similar.

3. Friend Zone Fiona

Friend Zone Fiona

Yes, it’s the “friend zone” nonsense again. The idea that women don’t like men who are genuinely nice, are only into “bad boys” and will only remain friends with said nice men, as if being friends with a woman has no value in and of itself. This meme is the visual representation of male entitlement. And it’s total bullshit.

4. And Then I Told Him…

And Then I Told Him...

This meme isn’t used just in the context of women. From what I understand it originally consisted of a photo of Reagan cabinet members laughing alongside captions such as “And then we said the wealth would trickle down!” However it has in the past been hijacked and used for sexist purposes. For example, showing a pair of women laughing about how they just pulled one over on an innocent guy, thus portraying women as nasty and conniving.

5. Overly Attached Girlfriend

Overly Attached Girlfriend

This one has been around for a while, and depicts a young woman, eyes wide open, with captions like “You ate at Wendy’s? Who the fuck is Wendy?” and “I poked holes in all the condoms; now you have to love me forever” (apparently attempting to lend credence to the MRA fear over women tricking men into getting them pregnant, or engaging in spermjacking). The problem with this meme is that it promotes the stereotype that women are clingy, emotionally unstable or insane.


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