Random Headlines — 4/25/14


Right Wing Watch – The Family Research Council and C-FAM give misleading testimony to the UN, claiming that “legalizing abortion endangers the lives of women.”

Salon – Brown University allows rapist to reenroll after a semester-long suspension.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution – A new lawsuit challenges Georgia’s ban on same-sex marriage.

Joe. My. God. – Anti-gay lunatics throw hissy fit over Harvey Milk stamp.

Think Progress – Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant signs a bill which criminalizes abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Americans United – Alabama Supreme Court upholds the child endangerment conviction of a woman who used chemical substances during her pregnancy. Chief Justice Roy Moore saturates his concurring opinion with references to God and the Bible.

The TransAdvocate – Trans people are added to the Violence Against Women Act.

Equality Matters – Fox News mocks Chelsea Manning as a “male” and a “gender bender.”

Mother Jones – Solitary confinement used as a punishment for female prisoners who report rape.

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