A Voice For Men Welcomes You To Misogyny Fest 2014

Hey fellas! Do you consider yourself a masculine man? Do you loathe our oppressive gynocracy with every fiber of your being? Are you sick of having most of the power in society instead of all of it like the good ole days? Do you view women as an entirely different species?

Then boy do I have news for you! It turns out that the International Conference on Men’s Issues will be hosted by none other than A Voice for Men. I know, I’m excited too. It will be held in Detroit at some point in the near future — well I know when it is, but I’m not doing their advertising for them — and will feature some of the best brightest minds of the Men’s Rights Movement, including:

  • Erin Pizzey, the author of Prone to Violence and “an Editor-at-Large and domestic violence policy advisor for A Voice for Men.” Pizzey also believes that women’s brains just can’t handle science and math, thinks that feminism should be branded a “hate movement” and banned, and said that “never in the history of the world have men been so unprivileged, if you think about it.” Like, totally.
  • Miles Groth, a professor of psychology at Wagner College and editor of an international journal called New Male Studies. He is a champion of so-called “male studies” programs and believes that lectures against date-rape on college campuses will dissuade men from pursuing higher education. For some reason.
  • Barbara Kay, an anti-feminist employed by Canada’s right-wing National Post where she writes about the “actual benign nature” of MRAs and defends loony organizations like the deceptively named Canadian Association for Equality (C.A.F.E.). Said in response to the Steubenville rape case, “Ours is not a rape culture. If it were, our girls would be walking around in burkas.”
  • Karen Straughan, a blogger who goes by the pseudonym GirlWritesWhat, ostensibly because we should all be shocked that a woman has dedicated her life to defending misogyny. She also serves as a contributing editor of AVfM and member of Men’s Rights Edmonton, the organization responsible for the horrible “Don’t Be That Girl” campaign. She once remarked of a pro-domestic violence article, “I don’t really find too much in the article that strikes me as seriously ethically questionable.”
  • Paul Elam, the woman-bashing King of “Fucking Your Shit Up” himself. This entry is terrible enough to speak for itself.

All these speakers and more will be gathering to discuss how best to help those who already have the means to help themselves. This should be good.

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