Random Headlines — April Fools Edition

WorldNetDaily columnist says women’s liberation means making men the head of the household, Roosh Valizadeh considers himself a clown, Scott Lively says Obama loves “sexual anarchy,” and more.

Right Wing Watch – WorldNetDaily columnist Patrice Lewis says that true women’s liberation is making men the head of the household.
man boobz – Roosh V considers himself a clown because women don’t need him.
Joe. My. God. – Discredited researcher Mark Regnerus is upset about the Michigan marriage equality ruling.
The Bilerico Project – Minnesota State Rep. Glenn Gruehagen claims that sweat spreads HIV. For serious.
Al Jazeera English – Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni holds a rally in support of the recently passed Anti-Homosexuality Bill.
RH Reality Check – South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard signs a bill banning sex-selective abortions, which are totally a problem in South Dakota.
The Raw Story – Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate Scott Lively says Obama loves “sexual anarchy” and might actually be gay himself.
Daily Kos – Chris Christie’s taxpayer-funded report on the traffic jam scandal pins blame on a scorned, “emotional” woman.

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