Random Headlines — 4/25/14


Right Wing Watch – The Family Research Council and C-FAM give misleading testimony to the UN, claiming that “legalizing abortion endangers the lives of women.”

Salon – Brown University allows rapist to reenroll after a semester-long suspension.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution – A new lawsuit challenges Georgia’s ban on same-sex marriage.

Joe. My. God. – Anti-gay lunatics throw hissy fit over Harvey Milk stamp.

Think Progress – Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant signs a bill which criminalizes abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Americans United – Alabama Supreme Court upholds the child endangerment conviction of a woman who used chemical substances during her pregnancy. Chief Justice Roy Moore saturates his concurring opinion with references to God and the Bible.

The TransAdvocate – Trans people are added to the Violence Against Women Act.

Equality Matters – Fox News mocks Chelsea Manning as a “male” and a “gender bender.”

Mother Jones – Solitary confinement used as a punishment for female prisoners who report rape.

Ann Coulter: Mayor De Blasio ‘Wants to Hold Down Our Legs While the Central Park Five Rape Us’

Credit: Ferris.edu
Credit: Ferris.edu

In a despicable column for the conspiracy-peddling WorldNetDaily, professional troll Ann Coulter discussed the case of the Central Park 5, and exploited both rape and racism in order to smear her favorite target: those damn liberals. Continue reading “Ann Coulter: Mayor De Blasio ‘Wants to Hold Down Our Legs While the Central Park Five Rape Us’”

Random Headlines — 4/21/14


Slate – McDonald’s to quit giving out “girl’s toys” and “boy’s toys” with Happy Meals.

Jezebel – Read the rapey emails of American University’s “secret fraternity.” It isn’t pretty, to put it mildly.

Right Wing Watch – Concerned Women for America opposes a National Women’s History Museum because it won’t mention conservative nuts Beverly LaHaye and Star Parker.

RH Reality Check – Why Republicans and Democrats are wrong about the “War on Women.”

The TransAdvocate – NOW state rep. discusses trans-inclusion and civil rights.

The Raw Story – New York’s detestable Cardinal Timothy Dolan defends Hobby Lobby and says that women can get birth control at the 7-11.

Salon – How “Game of Thrones” glamorizes rape.

Bloomberg.com – ACLU says the upcoming same-sex marriage trial in Pennsylvania is unnecessary.

Joe. My. God. – Christian group calls for 40 days of fasting to prevent marriage equality in Virginia.

Random Headlines — 4/17/14


Feministing – Katherine Cross writes about the “unacknowledged misogyny on the far right.”

RH Reality Check – Portrait of an anti-abortion “abolitionist.”

Towleroad – Alabama woman shoots and kills her gay son’s boyfriend.

NPR – Federal judge strikes down North Dakota’s extreme “Heartbeat” abortion law.

Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters – Was a South Carolina police chief fired for being a lesbian?

man boobz – Phyllis Schlafly opposes paycheck fairness because of female “hypergamy.”

Salon – Sinclair Community College’s epic response to a lecture by Peter LaBarbera.

AlterNet – What kind of porn turns women on?


Random Headlines — 4/14/14


Think Progress – Nevada Republican Party drops anti-gay and anti-abortion elements from its platform.

Equality Matters – Breitbart Texas launches vicious transphobic attack on a teacher who was fired for being transgender.

The Raw Story – Speaking of Breitbart, their California outlet’s advertising is too sexist for Fox News. Imagine that.

Salon – Lilly Ledbetter castigates the GOP for their stance on equal pay.

The Washington Post – Federal judge rules that Ohio must recognize same-sex marriages performed out of state.

Good As You – Struggling to stay relevant, the National Organization for Marriage will lead a (probably sparsely attended) March for Marriage.

Feministing – Monica Jones, a sex worker activist, shows the consequences of being a trans woman of color in Arizona.

Jezebel – College rankings should reflect how schools handle rape.

Joe. My. God. – Muslim cab drivers would rather walk off the job than drive taxis which carry advertisements for the Gay Games.

Random Headlines — Equal Pay Edition


NPR – 50 years after the Equal Pay Act, and the gender wage gap persists.

Jezebel – Republicans kill the Paycheck Fairness Act.

AlterNet – 7 stupid and offensive GOP remarks on the day they shot down equal pay for women.

Salon – 4 things you don’t already know about the gender pay gap — but should.

Think Progress – GOP spokesperson has no answer about how Republicans would close the pay gap.

Random Headlines — 4/06/14


AlterNet – Rick Perry refuses to comply with Prison Rape Elimination Act.

Right Wing Watch – Herman Cain’s website compares gays and lesbians to the Borg from Star Trek.

Mother Jones – Hobby Lobby hypocritically invests in companies that manufacture contraceptives.

Slate – Bill Maher says that the “gay mafia” was responsible for Mozilla CEO’s resignation.

Feministing – Study suggests that police departments systematically undercount rape reports.

Salon – Mississippi sex ed. curriculum compares sexually active teenage girls to dirty chocolate.

Joe. My. God. – Homophobes file 21 amicus briefs in support of Virginia’s same-sex marriage ban.

Equality Matters – Writer for wingnut Washington Times says that transgender equality “endangers every single female.”